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Churches have used streaming media since the technology was commercialized almost 10 years ago. Indeed, Christian content was one of the early drivers of streaming media. The need to get messages out in a format that stimulates and energizes the masses makes streaming media a natural technology for adoption by churches and ministries. Still, the vast majority of churches are not yet using streaming media, and very often the reason is that decision makers in the churches are not aware how affordable and easy to use streaming media has become.
Internet Broadcasting For Churches & Conferences
Send Us Your Tape Or DVD and we will broadcast it on the internet for 30 days
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With our internet video
streaming service you can reach a global audience with crystal clear streaming video audio of your church services, concerts, special guest speakers,
teaching ministries and
your television broadcasts.
Reach Members In The Military
Reach Sick & Shut-In Members
Reach Members In Other States & Countries
Review Your Sermons Over & Over Again
Cost Less Than TV & Radio Broadcasting
Broadcast Worldwide
Your Church Video & Audio On Demand 24/7
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